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Alesia, the Jurassian Hypothesis

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Alesia 52 BC. The decisive battle between Julius Caesar and Vercingetorix...
English version.
à partir de 12 ans
2 joueurs
2 heures
Jeu d'histoire
Alesia 52 BC, the Jurassian Hypothesis is a wargame (for 2 or 3 players) published by Canons en Carton (2005). This game does not pretend to provide a response to the question of finding the site of the decisive battle between Julius Caesar and Vercingetorix. It simply proposes a new sort of " What if ?" : how does one explain the sequence of events in the battle if it had occurred at the Jurassian site discovered by AndrŽ Berthier (today Syam / Chaux-des-Crotenay)?

Let's now entertain ourselves by comparing the situation and the nature of the fighting with the two maps (the site of Alise and the site of Syam / Chaux-des-Crotenay) and let's forge an opinion.

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